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SAR-Status is system that gives an overview of which SAR-personell are available at any time.

Main requirements

We envision a simple mobile app or mobile customized website where each member can mark if one is available or not. Managers and coordinators need a website where they can see how many and who's available.

Secondary requirements

Before Call-out (preparedness phase)

  • Entering own response
  • Setting up rules for accessibility (outside working hours, biweekly etc.)
  • User-defined fields (mobile number, radio number, address, qualifications etc.)
  • Custom categories (Team Leader, has certificate, expertise etc.)
  • Forecast if the number of available crews come under a lower limit

On Call-out (activation phase)

  • Using positioning (mobile GPS) to show crews headed on map
  • Let the individual input status (On the way, promote, in search)
  • Sending messages to crews (meeting point, missions, personal on missed)
  • Possibility of action lead to extract attendance list, put together search teams

After operation (recovery phase)

  • Crew can record expenses / costs (taxi, mileage)
  • Operations Management can extract statistics on attendance, number of hours in search